WELCOME TO FIMAR electro POLISHing facility

Fimar Polish's specialisation in corrosion control of stainless steel and metal treatments positions the company as a critical player in maintaining the integrity and longevity of stainless steel materials. As an Australian owned and operated company located in Perth, Western Australia, Fimar Polish brings a local touch to its expertise in this area.

The highlight of Fimar Polish's capabilities is the passivation tank system, which stands as one of the most advanced systems globally. Operating a hospital/food-grade stainless steel passivation system sets the company apart, as it ensures compliance with strict industry standards for cleanliness and hygiene. The rarity of such complete systems in Australia further underscores Fimar Polish's position as a leader in the field.

The advantage of Fimar Polish's system lies in its ability to eliminate the need for pre-pickling welds or pre-treating stainless steel before the passivation process. This streamlines the treatment process and reduces the complexity of corrosion control for stainless steel, making it more convenient and efficient for clients.

By effectively removing all contaminants and iron from the surface of stainless steel and drawing the chromium to the surface, Fimar Polish creates a clean, non-rusting, and sterile surface. This level of precision and attention to detail in the treatment process ensures that stainless steel components remain corrosion-resistant and maintain their functionality and appearance over time.




Stainless Steel ElectroPolishing System:

Fimar Polish’s passivation system sets a new electropolishing standard for the surface finishing industry. Fimar Polish has adopted the ‘Clean Planetary Systems’ (CPS) environmental standard in this unique design. This innovative system produces a Chromium rich mirror finish surface that has an exceptionally high level of corrosion resistance.
This system consistently achieves a bright lustrous effect producing levelled and deburred surfaces. This also conceals any imperfections in the base material such as metallic stains, heat discoloration, weld marks and minor scratches.
Fimar Polish has designed an Electropolishing process that utilises the latest environmentally friendly processes to electrochemically prepare Series 200,300 (austenitic) and 400 (ferritic) Stainless Steels.
Fimar Polish’s set-up facilitates polishing of one-off speciality items through to high
volume production pieces.

Fimar Engraving


Did you know Fimar Polish is a part of Fimar Group who also specialise in engraving and permanent marking.  Using the latest state-of-the-art advanced laser technology available. Follow link to Fimar Engraving to find out more.